Thursday – 07/16/15

The Eastern Sea @ Nightingale Room in Houston, TX. 8pm

Friday – 07/17/15

The Eastern Sea @ Three Links in Dallas, TX. 8pm

Saturday – 07/18/15

The Eastern Sea @ The Parish in Austin, TX. 8pm

Saturday – 07/25/15

Akina Adderley @ Stay Gold in Austin, TX. 10pm

Friday – 07/31/15

Time Out @ Stay Gold in Austin, TX. 10pm

Saturday – 08/01/15

Bop English @ Mohawk in Austin, TX. 8pm

Friday – 08/14/15

Time Out @ Stay Gold in Austin, TX. 10pm

Friday – 08/28/15

The Eastern Sea @ Float Fest in San Marcos, TX. 4pm

Andy Beaudoin is a drummer / percussionist based out of Austin, TX.

He performs in a variety of settings including rock bands, jazz groups, and chamber music ensembles. In addition to performing, he is also available as a studio musician and educator, recording drum tracks and teaching private lessons out of his home studio.


New Single from The Eastern Sea - 07/08/15

The Eastern Sea has a new single! Click on Media and check out Silver Spoon.

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